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Downloading Datasets

Downloading Datasets

Datasets may be added to your download "cart" by clicking the check boxes which appear next to an item in a results list (see below) or from an item's detail view. An item may be removed at any time by unchecking the boxes. Please note that you must be logged in for the check boxes to appear..

Click the Downloads button in the left navigation column to view or download the datasets in your cart.

When you are ready to download, select the format in which you wish to receive the data from the Download Format selection bar. Add an optional description to make it easier to identify the download in your download hisory. If you wish to remove the items on your list after they have been downloaded, then click the Clear after Downloaded box. After clicking the Download button all items on your download cart will be sent to you via the e-mail address associated with your user ID.

You will receive your requested data packaged in a .zip file that you can save to the local directory of your choice. The .zip file will contain a folder identified by the download format (Ecospold V1 or ILCD) you selected and three subfolders that include your processes (XML files), the relevant database schema, and the appropriate format stylesheets. Your .zip file can be imported directly into openLCA in either Ecospold V1 or ILCD. If you have downloaded data in Ecospold V1 you must import as Ecospold V1 into openLCA. Similarly, if you have downloaded the data in ILCD you must import as ILCD into openLCA.

Previous Downloads

You may review the previous 25 datasets which you have downloaded by pressing the Previous Downloads button. From here, you may add a previously downloaded dataset back to the current list by clicking the icon. You may view or hide the individual items on a previous downloaded list by clicking the and icons as illustrated in the figure below.