Data can be submitted two ways. They can be submitted to the LCI database, or to the Agricultural LCA Data and Tools Catalog. Submitting to the LCI database:

As we continue to build capacity for an automated submission process, our current process is still "manual" in that it requires that we work together to curate and edit your data iteratively. We will help you to document and format your data and we will need your help to verify elements of documentation and nomenclature as we move toward a final submission.


1. Start the process by contacting us through our "Contact Us" form in the menu (we will arrange a time to discuss your needs and review the process before we begin)

2. Review our submission guidelines

3. Document and format your data

4. Collaborate with us through curation process

5. Submit data through "Submit Data" on the LCI database discovery page

6. Complete the submission application


Submitting to the Agricultural Data and Tools Catalog.


1. Enter the LCA Collection on Ag Data Commons through <a href="">Agricultural Data and Tools</a> on the homepage

2. Log-in or register for the Ag Data Commons in the upper right hand corner

3. Select "Submit Dataset" menu item

4. Complete submission form and upload dataset (a detaset is called a "resource" in the Ag Data Commons).


Please contact us with questions though the "Contact Us" page. The Ag Data Commons is also developmnetal. If you encounter problems, we would like to hear about them as soon as possible.


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