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You may enter your own terms in the term input box at the top of the data list. A list of datasets containing one or more of your terms will be returned after you click the Go button. We strongly recommend that you always use the "Relevance" results order when searching on terms as your goal is to retrieve the most relevant datasets on the first one or two pages of your results list. You may perform simulated boolean searches by connecting terms with AND, OR or NOT. For example, to search datasets containing "corn silage" from 2001 or 2002" enter" corn silage" AND (2001 OR 2005). To exclude "North Carolina", you would formulate the search as "corn silage" AND (2001 OR 2005) NOT "North Carolina". Note that surrounding terms with quotes, indicates the terms should be grouped as a phrase. Searches may be nested by using parentheses.

In most cases, simply entering a few ad hoc terms will suffice. Remember, the goal is to find the most relevant results within the first 1 or 2 pages.

You may also wish to try  Advanced Search.