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LCIA Methods without flows

This is a collection of life cycle impact assessment datasets in JSON-LD (zip) format following the openLCA schema. These datasets are appropriate for import into an existing openLCA database (v2) that is already populated with complete LCI data and elementary flows belonging to the Federal Elementary Flow List (FEDEFL). Import of these datasets will add LCIA methods and categories with characterization factors for all FEDEFL flows currently in the database. For additional details on their use, see LCIA Methods.

TRACIv2.1 for FEDEFLv1.2

ReCiPe2016v1.1 for FEDEFLv1.2

FEDEFL Inventory Methods v1.0.0

ImpactWorld+v1.3 for FEDEFLv1


TRACIv2.1 for FEDEFLv1 (superseded by version 1.2)

ReCiPe2016v1.1 for FEDEFLv1 (superseded by version 1.2)